Ivan + Alyosha – Running for Cover

To start my blog off with my two best friends feels so damn right, I met Meg when I was 5 and asked her to be my best friend, ever since she has been nothing but a true riot, hilarious, supportive, loving, inspiring… I could go on. When she met Log I prayed he would take care and love her and I can confidently say she met the perfect soul mate, he’s all the things; a partner AND best friend.

They are honestly the type of couple that everyone wants to hangout with, your cheeks hurt after from smiling and laughing so much. I wanted their session to reflect how fun, silly and truly loving they are, but to be honestly this was my first time taking photos of them as well so I was super nervous. The session was a complete dream, the sun was shining on the prairie wheats and of course we couldn’t stop laughing. Then we were blessed with a stunning pink sky, ohhhh man I’ll forever treasure these photos.

We took these the summer before they left for their grand Australia trip and now they are freaking ENGAGED GUYS (and coming home soon)! Keep an eye out for their fall wedding this year, I can’t tell you how excited I am. Im going to be a full on mess all day so to whoever does my makeup: waterproof everything. 


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  1. Sarah Vandale says:

    Absolutely beautiful kass!
    You truly captured there love is such a special way, you can feel the love come off the photos it’s absolutely amazing!
    The two them laying on the grass Meg holding and kissing Logan’s head is everything you truly captured the beauty of there relationship!