GET READY, Vanessa knows how to plan a damn fine wedding.

I met Vanessa way back in the day, I was lucky enough to have her assist me on a wedding day and we became friends super fast. She is so kind, hilarious and has so much talent herself, (you should check out her work I’ll link it below) so when she asked me to shoot her day I had that pinch-me-am-I-dreaming feeling.

I love her and Valerio’s relationship because its so personal, intimate and I can relate to that because me and Gabe are similar. Both boys aren’t super into photos and both of their girls are wedding photographers… haha they hit the jackpot 😉 But man oh man will Valerio do anything for Vanessa.

Vanessa being her planned her spring wedding to the T, she picked some of the best vendors and really picked her details with care. One of my favourite details has to be the little charm with the picture of her dad along with his letter to her on her wedding day, that he wrote before he passed. It really touched my heart and is such a heartwarming detail that she added to her bouquet to have with her all day.

Although it was a rainy May moment for photos we had so much fun visiting the horses and exploring the greenhouse, it was so complimentary because nature and florals was a big theme for the day. And the rest of the day was celebrating V+V at Ashrgove Acres and it was a complete blast.

What a gorgeous day. I am so thankful again to have connected with Vanessa and the honour to shoot her day? I can’t even fathom it still haha.

Planner: Inspired Elegance
Venue: Ashgrove Acres
Video: Owen Film Co
Makeup: Tiffany Broesky
Hair: Jozanna Theolynn
Florals: Stonehouse Weddings
Dress: LA Collection
Hair piece: Luna + Stone
Vanessa’s (the bride) work: click here!


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