This will forever go down as one of my favourite engagement sessions ever if you really look at the whole blog post, you’ll know why 😉

Julia + Bryce are my type of people, they are so laid back, fun, funny and just a pleasure to be with in general. Clear Lake is home for these two, especially Bryce having moved so much as a kid so doing their engagement here was a must!

They had one request/idea, they painted “we do” on inner tubes and wanted to get naked and covered their bums with the sweet words… I was so in. We started off the season exploring in the beautiful trees and then headed down to the beach for the goods. Luckily we ran into their cabin neighbour during the forest part before they got naked haha. It was so hilarious trying to direct these two to move the tubes so that the words were straight ahhh I love it.

Thank you two for having me in your special place to capture your love.


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