Hi there friend,

I'm Kass!

This isn’t just a job for me; I am a crazy emotional, real Michael Scott type. Getting to witness others love and be loved is what makes my heart beat faster. I’m not the photographer for everyone. I know I’ll be most valued by people who hold memories, vs posed pictures, close to their heart. Anyone can capture a pretty, nice version of you two but I want the real stuff. I want photos to mean more than “just photos” to you. 

Life is so incredibly beautiful, intense, hilarious and even a little crazy at times, and our memories go as fast as they come. It's beyond amazing to me that my job gives me the opportunity to help people relive some of those memories through photos and when they do I want them to be authentic and mean something. 

Capturing candid moments is easier said than done. It requires digging deeper and having a real relationship, nothing fake and one-sided. I expect you to be you, showing off your love because you should be so dang proud of it (if it takes a shot or two at first to get comfortable I totally understand). And in return I want you to trust that I’m giving you everything I have to capture your legacy the way it unfolds… while also making sure you two are as happy as can be, cheering grandpa on, on the dance-floor, offering hugs to everyone and cracking bad dad jokes whenever possible.