Brianna and Jeremy are bringing a baby girl into this world!

Ive known of Bri for a long time, since we were that embarrassing age no one likes remember (you know like 13-15). We played against each other in soccer and as someone who was so competitive, I was jealous which I now understand is actually admiration. But being such an annoying age I couldn’t see that.

Now, I admire her not only for her soccer skills but for woman she has become! She is bringing a sweet baby girl into this world with her partner Jeremy and I am so excited for them. When Bri asked me to do maternity photos for them I was over the moon, the one thing she had in mind was the beach. We picked the closest beach and little did we know how beautiful it would be. No one was around for miles but the birds, there was a huge field of gold glowing in sunlight and a thin layer of ice still sitting on the water. It was pure beauty.

I had such a good time capturing this time for them, I really love maternity photos. They are the ULTIMATE before and after photos haha, I love seeing it go from a belly to a baby.
It’s so special to pause the crazy, amazing, real time pregnancy is because before you know it it’s over and your baby is here! You have this new human that you love so so much in the world now, so it’s nice to be able to look at the time before and say “look that’s you in there”.


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