I say this a lot but its true when I meet certain people or couples I attach to them and DREAM of photographing them. Nikky + Roger are a perfect example they have been at a couple weddings I shot and were so much fun. I first noticed them ripping it up on the dance floor, smiling so much, swinging around. I knew they were best friends and hoped they were best friends in love. When they kissed later it was a safe bet haha.

We did the thing you do, followed each other on social media (i’m sure she just followed me because I shot her friends wedding but hey i’ll take it). Little did I know I met Rogers sister at another/different wedding and instantly fell in love with her soul. Her name is Colette and she is angel, I read people very well and I could tell instantly that she is a kind, warm loving person. I had no idea they were siblings but now it makes so much sense!

When I found out they were engaged I was so very excited for them, when Nikky messaged me to shoot her wedding? I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN.

These two have been through a lot. My heart is with them and everything they and their families have gone through, that being said I cannot wait to finally celebrate them, bask them in love and capture memories for them to cherish forever.


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